In order to learn and find out details on these topics, please, click on one of the tabs below.
The first tab, ACCOMODATION, explains the criteria used in price estimation a tourist is expected to pay for a four day stay accomodation, ranging from 30 euros/day (for a Budget/Economy  type of trip) to 120 euro/day (for an Exclusive kind of trip).

CONFERENCE DINNER and POST-CONFERENCE TRIP, which are the second and third tab of the bellow stack, present, in rough lines, these two social events, prepared by the organizers for the participants at the 18th edition of the ECP Conference.

The fourth tab, entitled HOTEL RESERVATION & TRAVEL AGENCIES, comprise a live data feed from the official sites of the renowned travel portals, and the romanian travel agency and tour operator,





    for the post-conference trip,
    are available directly to our travel agency partner EXIMTUR, the Medias Office.

    All you need to do is to send an e-mail  to 

    More information and details  can be received from the agency contact person, Mr. Cornel Posea.  His mobile number is +40-746-240 506.



    To help you making the travel arrangements as simple as possible  and to decide to which hotel you will be lodged at, for the time being, we suggest you to check these three dedicated portals on which we made a pre-fetched search.


    On the first one,, you will be shown the results of a search done in advance for you and on this specific portaj, using the following syntax: Timisoara (for Destination), Work (for type of travel), July 18th (for the Check-in Date), July 23nd (for the Check-out Date), 5 nights (number of nights stayed), 1 adult (for the number of guests).


    On the second portal, you are given detailed information about the town itself (see the Overview section), about the hotels among you can choose, suggestions regarding the things you can do while being here, restaurants and most important, the schedule of the flights to and from Timisoara (see the Flights section on this portal).


    The third portal, we suggest you should check before making the travel arrangements, is the official website of the romanian travel agency EXIMTUR ( which is also, one of the official partners of the 2016 ECP Conference. Due to its status, participants at the conference will benefit of certain discounts for the services purchased. Get in touch with the agency contact person, by clicking the "Contact" button, which can be found on the right side the footer area.

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